BCM Technologies

Building on more than twenty years of early stage technology commercialization and investment, BCM Technologies is one of the premier academic affiliated venture capital firms in the world. With close ties to Baylor College of Medicine and other institutions in the Texas Medical Center, BCM Technologies focuses exclusively on early stage investing in the life sciences.

BCM Technologies is a true early-stage investment firm that creates substantial value by leveraging the experience of its team to guide the company through the start-up process. We pride ourselves on impeccable diligence and a hands-on, collaborative attitude toward investing. The firm strives to be a trusted partner and a value generating asset to the entrepreneurs and companies in which we invest. BCM Technologies typically leads seed and series “A” rounds and will co-invest in later rounds.

With proven success in identifying, protecting and commercializing innovative technologies from academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and other sources, we continue to seek unique technologies with solid intellectual property positions. BCM Technologies focuses on opportunities with considerable commercialization potential and clear competitive advantage in existing markets or innovative early entrants in growing niche markets.