About BCMT

BCM Technologies’ investment strategy revolves around the concept that maximum returns from early stage life science investing will result from impeccable diligence and a solid understanding of the underlying science. BCMT likes to invest early and create substantial value by leveraging the experience of the team to guide the company through the start-up process and avoid common mistakes. Success at such an early stage requires constant rationalization of investments and extreme discipline to focus on the likely winners.

BCMT is a true "early-stage investor" that provides seed capital to perform value creating proof-of-concept research and plays a major role in the structuring and development of the start-up company. The initial investment from BCMT is often made for the specific goal of validating the technology through highly focused research activities and initial investment frequently precedes recruitment of a management team. BCMT prefers to lead Seed and First rounds and will continue to co-invest in later rounds.