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Synced Care Develops Mobile Applications

Surgical Continuum Care Applications Reduce Readmissions.

Improve Surgery Outcomes.


Houston, Texas, May 12, 2016 – Synced Care, Inc., a highly innovative entrant in the burgeoning field of patient engagement, announces a partnership with AndCulture to develop mobile applications to increase patient satisfaction, improve outcomes, reduce cancelled surgeries, and lower hospital readmission rates.

The applications will benefit patients by: engaging them in effective pre- and post-surgery activities proven to have a high correlation with better outcomes; by providing answers to their questions and facilitating timely,two-way communication with their medical team; and by providing them with information to help them plan appropriately with family and caregivers.

Doctors and medical care teams benefit from improved ability to track protocol compliance and from streamlined communications with patients. Hospitals benefit from reduced cost of cancelled surgeries and from improved performance on readmission rate targets.

Dr. David H. Berger, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Synced Care and Professor of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine and SVP/COO at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center commented, “Through a combination of expertly curated patient protocols linked to improved surgical outcomes and a highly engaging patient interface, we aim to set new standards for expected outcomes in the surgical arena.”

Synced Care collaborates with multiple institutions and provides the ability to customize protocols to conform to unique institutional guidelines. In addition, the platform will allow personalization for individual provider preferences and for relevant individual patient characteristics.

David Hickethier, Chief Technology Officer of Synced Care and Founder of AndCulture said, “AndCulture is employing design thinking methodologies and best practices to simulate the optimal human experience in the patient-provider relationship for Synced Care applications. Our collaborative and co-creative process brings together the experts in surgery, patient care, and technology.”

 About Synced Care.

Synced Care, Inc. is a portfolio company of BCM Technologies, Inc. As such, the company is able to take advantage of a close relationship with Baylor College of Medicine, including proximity to the medical faculty and financial, managerial, and administrative support. In addition, the company’s location in the Texas Medical Center affords important connections with advisors, potential customers, and avenues for future investment. The doctors and surgeons who founded the company are passionately committed to excellence across the continuum of care. The leadership team brings together a high degree of business and technological acumen in the healthcare field.

 About AndCulture.

Andculture Health solves intractable healthcare problems by marrying human-centered design principles with technology solutions. Our focus on transforming the delivery of patient care by partnering with physician innovators and patient advocates allows us to engineer powerful eHealth solutions. Our teams work in an iterative fashion to research new approaches, improve care and contain costs, building evidence‐based experiences.

Media Contact:
Cynthia Sheridan, President